Do you suffer with painful, embarrassing, chronic digestive symptoms?


As with all things in life, there can be a huge benefit to learning and sharing with others who are on the same journey as you...

People who are facing similar challenges, struggling with similar setbacks, and celebrating similar victories... 

Facing health problems on your own can be scary, but you are not alone.  You don’t have to blaze your own path, and there is no need to reinvent the wheel. 

Does this sound like you?

✅Making plans with your loved ones is a source of anxiety because you’re worried about the food that will be served or your symptoms flaring up.

You have seen doctors, tried prescription medicines, spent hours researching dietary solutions, but you just can’t shake your digestive symptoms.

You find yourself living your life in between unplanned and unwanted bathroom breaks.

You’re frustrated, but you’re not ready to give up – you’re ready to take back control over your own life.

Then I have something special for you…

All the resources you need to get your gut health under control faster than you ever thought possible, and all packaged in a way that you can access within your budget and on your schedule.


Healthy Belly Express is more than just a Facebook group or an online course.  It’s membership in a community of people just like you, who are struggling with chronic digestive health issues and are seeking the guidance and tools needed to reach their health and wellness goals.

Here are some of the benefits of membership in Healthy Belly Express:

  • Personalized, dietitian curated, easy-to-prepare weekly meal plans so you know exactly what to eat to calm your symptoms and feel better fast. Each meal plan includes recipes and a grocery list that will save you time in the kitchen and take the stress out of planning meals. The meal plans are tailored to your specific health needs, calorie and nutrient needs, family members eating with you, and food preferences so you know exactly what to eat to stay on track with your health!
  • 3 Monthly Workshops on the low FODMAP diet for IBS, with a workshop dedicated to each of the 3 phases: Elimination, Reintroduction, and Personalization. The workshops are pre-recorded so you can watch at your convenience. The low FODMAP diet has been proven to help over 80% of people with IBS improve their symptoms and regain their quality of life.
  • 6 weekly video trainings on meal planning for IBS so you can build your skills and new habits in small, "bite-sized" steps that you will able to maintain. 
  • Private Facebook community for questions, discussion, accountability, and support. Alyssa actively participates and answers questions in the group. 

This is your opportunity to get the expert guidance that you need, along with easy-to-use tools, and support from a community of committed, like-minded individuals who will help you on your journey to wellness.

With Healthy Belly Express, you will have everything you need to:

  • Shop and cook with confidence, while eating meals that you enjoy.
  • Avoid the foods that trigger your specific ailments.
  • Make and keep plans with loved ones, without worrying about bathroom issues derailing you.
  • Stop missing work and important events because of painful symptoms.

Healthy Belly Express is for people who are committed to overcoming their digestive health issues, but who might not be an ideal candidate for an intensive one-on-one program at the moment.


Healthy Belly Express is a resource for people who need personalized guidance on how to shop for and cook tasty meals that avoid your particular triggers; people who have questions about how to manage their issues, and need a reliable source of information; people who are looking for support, so that they don’t feel like they are on their health journey alone; and people who want to have access to tips and insights from a professional integrative and functional nutritionist on their own schedule and without committing to an intensive program.


If you want access to the tools you need in order to experience freedom from your digestive health issues, then enroll now and get access to Healthy Express starting today.


With your membership, I will get you set up with your personalized meal plan application, and provide you with live insights in my monthly workshop, where you will have a chance to have your questions answered live, and each of these workshops will be recorded, so that you can access them any time you want to. 

Healthy Belly Express is a service provided by Alyssa Simpson, a Registered Dietitian and Certified Gastrointestinal Nutritionist with over 18 years of experience, specializing in gut and digestive issues.  Alyssa has helped hundreds of patients overcome their digestive issues and take back control of their lives.

Healthy Belly Express


3 month minimum commitment

After 3 months, you have the option to continue on a month-to-month basis, and may cancel anytime.


You don’t have to figure everything out on your own.  ENROLL now and see if Healthy Belly Express is right for you.